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Inter Milan target Real Madrid midfielder

The Serie-A giants Inter Milan have targeted the Ballon d’Or winner Luka Modric for the summer. Modric has been lacklustre and lacking inspiration since his World Cup heroics. He simply not been able to replicate the form he showed there. It seems to appear that the glory has got the better of him. His focus seems to have been dropped compared to last year since his accomplishments in 2018. Inter have monitored the poor form of the Croatian and see this as a great opportunity to seal the deal for a good price.

Inter Milan have always had an eye on Luka Modric even from his Spurs days. They were outbid by Real Madrid back in 2011 but want to seal the deal this summer. From Modric’s point of view, leaving Real Madrid to any other team besides Barcelona will probably be a downgrade to him. So he will try his utmost best to maintain his position as there is a lot of competition within Real Madrid’s midfield. Let us know in the comment section below where Modric will head this summer.