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Daniel Sturridge has prayers answered as striker is reunited with missing dog

Daniel Sturridge of Liverpool during the pre-match warm-up during the Premier League match at Craven Cottage Stadium, London. Picture date: 17th March 2019. Picture credit should read: Craig Mercer/Sportimage via PA Images

Former Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge was the victim of a burglary earlier this week. Among his possessions that were stolen was his Pomeranian named Lucci.

Sturridge released a video in the aftermath of the incident, pleading with the intruders to return his dog safely.

Daniel Sturridge offers 30,000-pound reward

He even offered a reward to anyone who could provide information regarding the whereabouts of Lucci.

“We will pay anything for the dog,” Sturride had said. “Whoever brings my dog back, 20 grand, 30 grand, whatever.”

Now, it appears his pleas have been answered. The Englishman confirmed earlier today that he has been reunited with Lucci, expressing his joy in a post on social media.

Sturridge confirmed that he had received a tip-off following which he and a couple of friends had travelled to South LA to pick up the dog.

“Lucci has officially been brought home.

“Absolutely delighted – just want to say a big thank you to everyone on social media for supporting us and raising awareness.”

According to reports Foster Washington was the man who provided the information, claiming his nephew had found the dog.

However, he also claimed that he has not yet been given the reward Sturridge had initially promised. The striker has not yet commented on the issue and it remains to be seen how things unfold.

What’s next for Sturridge?

Los Angeles Police are still investigating the matter and did not reveal if any arrests have been made as yet.

As for Sturridge himself, he remains without a club, having been released by Liverpool at the end of last season.

Considering his array of skills though, it’s unlikely that he will remain out of action for too long.