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Liverpool fan banned for 3 years for pushing Barcelona man into fountain

A Liverpool fan has been slapped with a three-year ban following incidents that occurred during the course of this past season.

The fan in question, Anthony Mullen, was investigated for his involvement in two shocking incidents while travelling to watch Liverpool.

Liverpool fan slapped with three-year ban

The first incident involved him pushing a Barcelona fan into a fountain ahead of Liverpool’s Champions League tie against the Catalans.

The second incident related to him pulling down the trousers of a steward during a game between the Reds and Wolves in the Premier League.

Mullen appeared in court earlier this week and was hit with the banning order.

Liverpool police condemn the incidents

Chief Superintendent Paul White expressed his disgust with Mullen’s behaviour and condemned the incidents that occurred.

“These were shocking incidents during which two innocent men were targeted and humiliated by Mullen.”

“The vast majority of Liverpool fans travelled to Barcelona and behaved appropriately and respectfully. however, the behaviour shown by Mullen is unacceptable. It will not be tolerated, whether it be at home or away games.

“We work closely with Liverpool FC and all our football teams. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive city that is passionate about football. We would like to remind anyone thinking about engaging in this type of behaviour that we will pursue such incidents and bring offenders to justice.

“We do not want the mindless acts of a few to adversely affect the enjoyment of other fans and members of the public.”

Liverpool fans have been involved in quite a few distasteful events this past season. Videos emerged of fans poking fun at a handicapped Chelsea fan during the two side’s Premier League clash.

The Reds fanbase has also been called out for numerous incidents of racism, although they reduced in number as the season wore on.